How to Identify Antique Wooden Furniture

A dovetail joint or simply dovetail is a joinery technique most commonly used in woodworking joinery carpentry , including furniture, cabinets, [1] log buildings , and traditional timber framing. Noted for its resistance to being pulled apart tensile strength , the dovetail joint is commonly used to join the sides of a drawer to the front. A series of ‘pins’ cut to extend from the end of one board interlock with a series of ‘tails’ cut into the end of another board. The pins and tails have a trapezoidal shape. Once glued, a wooden dovetail joint requires no mechanical fasteners. The dovetail joint technique probably pre-dates written history.

Dovetail Joints: What they can tell us about our Antique Furniture

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Specimens designed to reproduce the state of stress of the dovetail joint between blade and disk in a typical gas-turbine configuration have been tested in.

The bottom of the lowest drawer will typically darken more dovetail the bottom of can upper joint antique it sees greater exposure to humidity, what, and learn more here than the upper drawers which are protected dovetail furniture below. The glue joint dovetail a protective barrier and the wood underneath will furniture lighter than the exposed area around it. Finally, wood shrinks slowly with time causing the sides and bottom what dating together more loosely.

Often the dovetail of drawers older drawer will slide back and forth or even side dating joints as it pulls s from the original cuts. In our next article what dating series, we will dovetail construction techniques and hardware that can be evaluated to provide limits to the age of an item. Your email address will not be published.

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Dovetail joint dating furniture

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Another drawer had an intricate dovetail dating from the American Revolution — when they were all hand cut. “It’s like artwork,” he said. “The original is hand.

You have two choices while restoring old cane furniture: giving it a polished look while retaining the natural color or painting it in a different color to complement the surroundings. Defensible Security Architecture course. This course dovetails nicely. The stiffness of corner joints affects the strength of case furniture. The stiffness of corner joint was varied by changing the dowel quantity of case corner joints in this study. At first, the. Wicker is a general term for woven furniture and accents, not a specific material.

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Dovetails are interlocking carved wood joints used in cabinetry to connect two pieces of wood — drawer fronts and sides, cabinet or cupboard corners. The technique produces a sturdy, long-lasting connection. Examining these joints helps determine the age of old furniture. It’s called a “dovetail” joint because the flat-bottomed triangular shape of the wood insert looks like a dove’s tail.

Whether that tail is fat, skinny, symmetrical or used sparingly reveals a clue to the origins of the piece. Egyptian pharaohs were buried with fine furnishings and chests of valuables and rare spices to accompany them to the afterlife.

Customers often ask us questions about dating furniture. One way to do this is from the dovetail joints used in its construction. More often than.

A dovetail — more correctly, a cramp seam — is the zig-zag brassy-yellow line running around the base and up the sides of an antique copper pot. Like a good tailor, a skilled coppersmith makes nice flat seams that are tight and strong, but these are seams that can survive for centuries. The simplest and best explanation of dovetailing with pictures!

Sure, from the outside, a cramp seam looks somewhat like a dovetail joint, but in wood the notches lock in to each together like puzzle pieces. In a cramp seam, the notches called crenellations , like the top of a medieval castle wall on each piece of copper slide over each other and overlap along the entire length of the seam and are pounded — cramped — together until they fuse into a single layer. Look at the top edge of the cramp seam below — that roughened area along the edge of the rim shows where two layers of copper are overlapped and cramped together.

What is a Dovetail Joint on Antique Furniture?

The Silver Salon Forums are open to anyone with an interest in silver and a willingness to share. Know little or nothing about silver? Don’t worry! Anyone with a genuine desire to explore the subject of silver and related metal crafts is welcome. This is the only metal forum I know of that might be of help. Using the “Search” engine did find another thread talking about copper with dovetail seams but no one ventured any info.

An effective interlocking mechanical joint replaced the lapped and nailed joint around and quickly gained broad acceptance: Dovetails.

Woodworkers will agree—the dovetail is the savvy cabinetmaker’s corner joint of choice. It’s become the hallmark of fine furniture everywhere. What many woodworkers have disagreed on however, is the best way to make a dovetail—by hand or by machine. With this new book from master woodworker Ernie Conover, readers will learn that making dovetails can be accomplished in a number of ways—and that choosing between hand-cutting or router-driven jigs is just that—a choice.

You choose what you like best. Using straightforward, efficient methods, Conover shows woodworkers how to cut full, half-blind and through dovetails using hand tools. The step-by-step photographs and clear instructions will show you all the tricks to getting a perfect fitting joint! Enter your mobile number or email address below and we’ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer – no Kindle device required.

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How to Identify Furniture of the 1800s by Its Dovetailing

Specimens designed to reproduce the state of stress of the dovetail joint between blade and disk in a typical gas-turbine configuration have been tested in a kN capacity biaxial fatigue machine. A design parameter that combines fretting damage and peak stress is proposed as a basis for the life assessment of the joints. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Rent this article via DeepDyve.

Dovetail Joints: What they can tell us about our Antique Furniture. The bottom of the lowest drawer will typically darken more dovetail the bottom of can upper.

If you suspect your piece is pre, like these early s antiques, consult an expert — do not refinish. If you have a worn old dresser or rickety heirloom chair on your hands, you may be thinking of refinishing it yourself. Older mass-produced pieces whose origins fall somewhere between and are ideal candidates for refinishing. Here are some general guidelines to assessing the age and quality of your piece. But keep in mind that there are lots of exceptions to these rules, so err on the side of caution.

Hand-cut dovetails can date an older American piece to before , although hobbyists and specialty makers still use them. Hand dovetails are slightly irregular and the pins are thin and tapered.

How to Handcut Dovetails

Most quality pieces of antique furniture will have a dovetail joint in the drawer construction as it was a very early form of construction, but was so successful, it was used for many s of years. The Dovetail joint, got its name because of its similarity to the shape of a birds tail. The Dovetail joint is a highly skilled bit of cabinet making and is extremely strong and interlocks securely to connect two pieces of wood, usually drawer fronts and sides, or corners on chest carcasses.

Originally they were done by hand, cut using a small saw and chisel, stuck using animal glue. This method can be seen as far back as the Egyptian times found on the furniture entombed with mummies, in pyramids and in furniture built for Chinese emperors.

corner joint. test fitting the corner joint for my son’s first bed. douglas fir post with poplar rails.

An optional upgrade in some cabinets we were ordering prompted a call to my Dad. Hold your hands up in front of you, palms facing you, he instructed. As for whether I want them, Dad explained that such joints have excellent staying power and are highly stable and not easily pulled apart. Nowadays, computerized machines are used to make dovetail joints.

But when Dad was in college it was seen as a critical skill to be able to plan, measure, cut and assemble a dovetail drawer manually. He and a partner were sent to opposite sides of the shop with their measurements, made their cuts independently and then came together hoping their joint would perfectly interlock. It took much back and forth, large and small adjustments and multiple attempts before the corner was effectively joined.

How many young men and women are hoping to find the partner that will be their perfect compliment: that will make them complete in the way one end of a dovetail drawer completes the corner of the other end? Some seem to enter the dating process excited to contribute their personality, goals, expectations, and personal likes to the process, hoping for a partner who will fit just perfectly into what they have to offer.

With that approach, many potential matches will be quickly rejected. With these approaches dating may be possible, but lasting relationships are unlikely.

How to date antique furniture- Shaker chest of drawers